Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sylvia Plath

I've always known about Sylvia Plath. I knew she was a poet and was married to Ted Hughes. I knew that she had died many years ago but I didn't know her work.

Often, I would type her name into Google and just look at the results, never reading any further details about her. I would wander through bookshops picking up a collection of her poetry, holding it for a while before putting it back on the shelf. I always knew that I would like her and her work but something stopped me from reading anything she had written. Maybe it was a fear of disappointment, what if she didn't live up to the expectations I had placed on her?

Last week, in the local library, The Bell Jar caught my eye. I picked it up, checked it out and brought it home to read. I knew within a few pages that this would quickly become my favorite book, that I would re-read it over and over throughout the rest of my life. I've since spent a short amount of time reading up about her as a person and today I got her collection of journals. I thought for a while that it a shame I hadn't given in to my interest in her earlier on in life but there seems to be something nice about discovering her now.

I think that sometimes, a book, a person, a song or a film, can enter your life and make a difference to you. I think Sylvia Plath is making a difference in me, I don't fully know what that difference is yet but I'm looking forward to reading her poetry and exploring my new love for her and her work in detail.

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