Monday, 2 November 2009

Albion To Arcadia - finally published!

It's finally complete! Albion To Arcadia is online at

I was so consumed with getting the magazine finished and online that I didn't realise quite how scary it would be once it was up. Announcing to the online world that it was ready, was exciting but as people started clicking and downloading, I was overcome with fear!

I couldn't help thinking that I preferred it being offline, so only my eyes could see it and it wouldn't be scrutinised by other readers. I didn't want to hear negative feedback about something that has taken so long to pull together and essentially has my soul amongst its pages - it's not just the magazine on show, I feel like I am waiting to be downloaded and judged.

Two days after the publication and I'm a happy girl. Had great feedback from all kinds of people - people who have work in the magazine, people who just wanted to read it and people who now want to help with future issues. I'm still prepared for some bad comments, I guess you can't cater for everybody's taste but the good will definitely outweigh the bad!

Having slaved away for months and breaking through difficult barriers, the whole process now starts again! This time, from start to finish, it will be two months which means more work but seeing and reaping the success of issue 1, I'm committed to making issue 2 even bigger and better than before... wish me luck!