Saturday, 14 March 2009

Red Nose Recession?

Every two years, some time in mid March, I'll be sat in front of the TV on a Friday night watching Comic Relief. I'll be laughing at the comedy, shedding a tear at the short documentaries and parting with some of my hard earned wages.

Those who followed my MySpace blogs a few years back or know me personally, will know I'm a softie when it comes to poverty in Africa but this blog isn't about that.

This year, on the night alone, Comic Relief raised over £50 million for those who need it in Africa and the UK. This has of course brought on the inevitable comments of 'aren't we supposed to be in a recession', 'who has the money to spare' etc etc.

Well it seems some people do have the money to spare and perhaps while the good British public are curbing their spending in high street stores preferring to buy cheaper alternatives online, people are still willing to help those worse off. Perhaps people are simply sick of being ripped off, overcharged and under valued.

I think I'm quite lucky that this recession obsession hasn't affected me and even if it had, the choice of parting with £10 for a worthy cause or popping into HMV to buy an overpriced CD would be an easy one.

Recession? Maybe so when it comes to materialistic items but people still care about the things that matter.