Monday, 2 February 2009

Cheryl Cole... Singer, Judge, Author?

Cheryl Cole has reportedly signed a £5 million book deal with HarperCollins and is set to become the new Marian Keyes in the world of 'chick lit'.

Oh how I wish I didn’t love Cheryl as it would make it much easier to be annoyed that her and the other celebrities-cum-novelists such as Jordan and Kerry Katona are given multi million pound book deals on the basis of their name and not writing talent.

Call me cynical but I can’t quite picture Kerry Katona writing late in the night, manically editing her first drafts and checking her grammar? The woman can barely string a sentence together on live TV let alone write 80,000 words in a coherent structure.

Jordan, or Katie Price when she’s being all literary, has quite the little library to her name. Between 2005 and 2008, the clever model has written three fiction books and three autobiographies, not bad for someone who has also designed various clothing ranges and perfumes, had her own TV shows, spent a few weeks in a jungle and has three kids. I think it’s certainly a case of Jordan: Brand Extraordinaire rather than Katie Price: Literary Genius and all round superwoman.

I’ve found it quite easy to scoff at the thought of Jordan and Kerry writing anything at all, let alone it being any good but when it comes to Dear Miss Cole, I just can’t fault her. It’s the downside of being a true Cherylette – the woman can do no wrong and if she needs a proof-reader, ghost writer or tea girl then I’m available at a very reasonable cost.