Monday, 19 January 2009

Get me to the finish line

On the 17th May this year, I’m forgetting all good sense and taking part in the Great Manchester Run.

For the athletes out there, 10K might not seem that gut busting but for someone who last exercised circa 1999 and likes to divulge in the odd bar (or three) of Galaxy Caramel it’s going to be a struggle, though thankfully a struggle on an even surface. No hills for me please.

My training started on the 2nd January and so far, bar a few minor hiccups, I’ve stuck to it day by day. Having only being able to run pretty slowly with nicely interspaced spurts of walking, my first major test came this Sunday when I ran my first ever mile in one go. And in just 12 minutes. Was I Proud? I was so happy I treated myself to a Big Mac. (Though I nearly choked after checking the calorie content.)

I have just less than 5 months left until the big day and the training is beginning to get progressively harder though with all the money I raise going to Oxfam, I’m determined to get to that finish line even if I’m crawling over it and gasping for water.

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