Tuesday, 14 October 2008

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The Noise Festival

The Noise Festival is a unique innovation which is providing a platform for up and coming artists and designers who up until now, may not have had the chance to showcase their talent.
The really imaginative part of the Nose Festival is that you don’t even have to leave your own home to see it, so although it has visited areas across the UK such as London and Manchester, the Noise Festival is a one of a kind exhibition that is viewed primarily via the internet.
The interactive website allows viewers to peruse the art work at leisure and then allow them to vote for their favourites giving the artists a chance to get their work displayed on the front page of the website.

I caught up with Sara Leigh, from Scarborough, a designer whose work is currently being showcased via the Noise Festival:

How did you become involved with the Noise Festival?

I became involved in the Noise Festival when they approached me after seeing my work at a fashion show in Manchester. A photographer from the Noise Festival had taken some shots and asked if I'd like to submit them as part of the festival. I had heard a little bit about Noise around Manchester and on the internet and was impressed by the nature of the project so I submitted the photographs along with some illustrations and prints.

What responses have you had regarding your work since the festival?

I have had a few people seeing my work on the site and their congratulations and also positive feedback from the staff at Noise Festival. Even though it hasn't necessarily taken my work to the level in terms of National Press etc I feel it has increased the awareness of the existence of my work.

What is your overall opinion of the Noise Festival?

Very well organised, motivated and energetic project. I have been receiving updates on various Noise Festival news and exhibitions throughout the course of the festival. I also visited the exhibition in Manchester which was impressive and diverse. It's definitely something I would love to get involved with next year.

What are your future plans? T

o continue in my design work and to continue to get involved in such projects like Noise Festival in future!

You can check out Sara’s work at www.myspace.com/misslunapink

The festival is open to everyone and anyone, so if you need a platform for your work then check out the submissions guidelines for next year.

The Noise Festival has proved to be a hit both physically and virtually so if you want to check it out go to www.noisefestival.com

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