Tuesday, 14 October 2008

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Notes on a Conflict

This weekend marked the 4th anniversary of the Darfur conflict that has killed over 200,000 people and left 2 million homeless and in need of aid.
In London, 3500 people have spent the day protesting against the horrific acts that are happening in the region but I'm not really sure what good it's gonna do. I've only really known about the Darfur conflict since last summer after accidently stumbling across a documentary that was shown at some awkward time of night, since then I have researched the conflict and tried to keep to date with what is happening. All I can do as an individual is to sign petitions and raise awareness - it's an area too dangerous for humanitrian groups to help so untrained individuals can do little more than sit at home and watch as it keeps happenening.
What is happening in Darfur isn't a one off event. It's become a way of life for the people that are having to live through it. The U.N can't help, governments around the world can't help, high profile celebrities have no power of influence, the public can't help... so what options does that leave?
It upsets me and I'm sat in the comfort of my own bedroom, I can not possibly imagine what those people are going through. I've looked into the possibilty of travelling there to help with the refugee camps but it's an area so dangerous that aid agencies are having to stop vital work. It's as if Darfur is in lock-down and the only way the terror will end is when the Sudanese government has rid the land of it's innocent natives.

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